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Marketing Your Dental Practice in 2020

5 CE Credits  I  Intensive Workshop  I  One Day

June 27th, 2020

Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.

Marketing Your Dental Practice in 2020 is a one-day marketing workshop that will cover the complete dental marketing process. You will learn how to create a unique marketing plan based on your key selling points, how to implement that plan online, and learn how to turn those leads into paying patients.

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Workshop Topics

Dental Marketing in 2020 444 North Capitol Street

Minal's Discussion

Investing in marketing for maximum ROI

You will gain the skills to identify your target market online and then convert possible leads into new patients.

Share your unique brand on social media

You will be able to identify what makes your practice unique and discover how to translate this into creative content on social media.

Create a distinctive marketing plan

Develop key action items for a successful, doable and multigenerational marketing plan for your practice.

Tyler's Discussion

How to create a competitive website

Local competition is growing tremendously. You'll learn what your website needs to dominate your local competition.

Master Google & Facebook Ads

Step by step walkthrough covering how you can create your very own Facebook and Google Ads, with example ads to share.

Local SEO: What still works in 2020?

Google made 3,234 changes to their algorithm in 2018. You'll understand what techniques still work & which to ignore.

Dental Marketing in 2020 444 North Capitol Street Location
Dental Marketing in 2020 444 North Capitol St

Robin's Discussion

Master the initial new patient phone call

Your team will learn high level skills to engage callers and convert them into actual patients.

Provide a winning new patient visit

Learn how to schedule new patients and implement a new patient visit that builds trust and confidence in you and your team.

Increase Your case acceptance rates

Discover key steps to presenting and gaining acceptance of ideal treatment.

Meet Our Speakers

Minal Sampat

Minal Sampat, RDH, BA

Minal Sampat, RDH, BA, has spent over a decade helping practices reach their goals through strategic, effective, easy to implement marketing strategies. Whether it’s getting more patients in the door, strengthening your team, streamlining your marketing budget or growing your business, a meaningful marketing strategy can help you achieve your business goals. Learn the why, how, and when for successful marketing and gain the knowledge and tools necessary to break through the “white noise.” Minal has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Dentistry IQ, DrBicuspid & more.

Tyler Larson

Tyler Larson

Tyler Larson is the founder and CEO of The Dental Outlet: A website development and advertising agency in Washington, D.C. Tyler thrives while working directly with clients in sustainably growing their practices online. With a Business Intelligence degree from James Madison University, he quickly learned that his calling was to help small-to-midsize businesses grow their local presence with the use of the internet. Tyler entered the dental space assisting dental implant surgeries in 2015, which led to growing a very large network of practice owners. After four years in business and working with over 75 dental practices, Tyler provides actionable digital marketing solutions for practices nationwide.

Robin Morrison 500x500

Robin Morrison

Robin began her career in dentistry in 1981, working in a cutting edge dental practice as an office administrator and marketing director. Her passion for dentistry and health care, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, lead her to become the founder of two successful companies. She is the president of RLM Healthcare Marketing & Consulting, Inc., founded in 1997, and Dental Consultant Connection, founded in 2011. Robin is a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC), the Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) and a lifetime member of the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM).

Workshop Schedule

Take a look at the event schedule listed here. Here we explain what you can expect from the daily agenda and what you can expect in terms of talking points. The event is jam-packed with knowledge surrounding ever facet of the dental marketing process in 2020: Something that has never been offered to the dental industry before!

, coffee, and networking!

Sign-in will take place when you arrive to make sure we have everyone before we begin.

Some of the speakers may provide you workshop materials so they will be provided to you at this time as well.

We’ll also provide locally brewed Compass Coffee, an assortment of tea, and several light breakfast foods if you didn’t have the time to eat before you got here.

This is also where everyone will have the chance to meet and chat a bit before the day commences!

Minal Sampat will speak and get the day going for us! 

Key Takeaways

  1. Learn how to invest in marketing for maximum ROI

  2. Identify what makes your practice unique and discover how to translate this to social media

  3. Build creative content to engage current patients and convert new patients

  4. Develop key action items for a successful, doable and multigenerational marketing plan

Quick refreshment break.

Break for refreshments, to stretch, mingle, or do whatever you ‘gotta do!

Tyler will now speak as we conclude the first half of the day. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Understand the difference between a DIY/free website and a professionally built site. You will also discover what it takes to be competitive in your local market and what functionality your website needs to have.
  2. Learn what SEO really is, determine whether it’s worth it for your specific practice, and discover optimization techniques you can do yourself.
  3. Get to know the best advertising platforms to run paid ads on and discover how to run campaigns yourself. You will also be shown several example ads we have ran in the past you can consider to use yourself!

Did someone say it’s time for… LUNCH?!

We will be providing delicious lunches for everyone in a separate room next door and we can use this time to chat and for everyone to get to know each other better!

Robin Morrison will speak after lunch and be our final speaker of the afternoon. 

As a pioneer in dental marketing, beginning in 1985, Robin’s marketing strategies have continued to evolve with the exciting opportunities technology brings. She shares how three things have remained consistent throughout the years in order to maximize results: the connection, engagement and communication with patients.

In her presentation, Robin takes you through critical steps of what to do after your marketing efforts make the phone ring … from the greeting, the initial phone conversation, the call conversion (on average, 65% of the calls are not scheduled!), how and when to schedule, the new patient visit and experience, case presentation and acceptance, and finally, patient retention. Whew! Truthfully though, why market if you’re not prepared to take it to this level?

Learn the 7 critical steps to take once the phone rings to maximize your ROI

  1. The wow greeting – timing, tone, verbiage
  2. How to have a engaging initial conversation
  3. Ways to convert callers to patients
  4. How and when to schedule
  5. What a winning new patient experience looks like
  6. How to present ideal treatment and gain case acceptance
  7. Systems and communication to retain happy patients for years

Conclusion of the event with a speaker panel to answer questions.

We’ll conclude the day by leaving ample time at the end of the workshop to answer any and all questions guests may ask.

We’ll have some time to take some photos together and share contact information too at this time before we conclude!

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